Marilyn Monroe

One who always will inspire women. Her classical style and sex appael is never going to die. Even though many, many people have been Marilyn Monroe at costume parties it still works. If I would have had time to prepare more for halloween, I would have bought a wig, dress and been her!

I also adore her makeup; it is always perfect. And its simple but yet so hard to wear in the same way as her! Perfect skin, eyeliner, falsh eyelashes and red lips - voila~!

A more “natural” kind of smokey eyes

This is a makeup that I did a little while ago. The reasons to why I like this particular makeup is because it gives attention to the eyes but still look somewhat “natural”; it blends in. I have tried to brighten the picture a little bit because neither the camera or the light was very good, but hopefully you can see the basics of how it is suppose to look. 

  1. You simply put a highlighting eyeshadow (I have used two - one is pearl white and one is light golden) over your whole eyelid all the way up to your eyebrows to give your eyelids a lift and make them look bigger.
  2. Then you use a darker eyeshadow (preferrably brown) as a base for the smokey eyes to get a smoother transition from the black eyeshadow to your skincolor. This brown eyeshadow is suppose to go just a little bit outside your eyebrows. A simple way of doing it is to start in the outer corner of your eyes and then just drag the eyeshadow slightly up and outwards till you get to the eyebrows, and then you just slide the applicator a tiny bit more to not get that sudden, abrupt end. The brown eyeshadow is also suppose to follow the side of your nose a little bit down (just till the eye ends) as you can see in the picture. This gives it a more animalistic look. And do not forget to also have this brown eyeshadow behind your lower eyelashes. 
  3. After this you use a black eyeshadow (Illamasqua’s!) to just follow the outer corner of your eyes. If you prefer a more framed eye you can also take the black eyeshadow below your eyes.
  4. You can then use a black liquid eyeliner to strengthen the outer contours and/or a white eyeliner to highlight the inner contours more.
  5. Put mascara on, and you are done! 

The result:

Karla Powell - Top 5 Illamasqua products


Pure Pigment in ‘Berber’

This loose new pigment is fun and so versatile… Basically you can use this anywhere, even to create a body painting effect! I have used this product to create a beautiful striking eye look, and it was the sparkle in the product that caught my eye! This also looks…

I could not have said it better myself. I love Illamasqua’s products! I am using their black powder eye shadow to almost every makeup.

(Source: karlapowellmua)

Chanel Fall/Winter 2011/2012

Make-up by Peter Philips

I especially like the inventive black clutter which gives it a kind of rough look. I usually do a smiliar pattern but only behind my lower eyelashes to get a more distinctive look.

Vivienna Tam Spring/Summer 2012

Make-up by Andy Koh

This one I love because it looks very natural and fresh. I miss summer, when the most beautiful look is to just have a swipe of bronzing on your face!